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Australian Agency Academy

What is the Australian Agency Academy?

Real Estate Trainig and CPD

Meta Publishing P/L trading as the Australian Agency Academy (AAA) is the education arm of the Estate Agents Co-operative Ltd, the Institute of Strata Title Management, the Auctioneers & Institute of Business Brokers Inc.

The Academy is a registered organisation under the Australian Quality Training Framework and is registered to deliver training, conduct assessment and issue qualifications in respect of the Diploma of Property (Real Estate) PRD 5010 and Certificate of Registration courses Property Practice (Real Estate) 91086 NSW and Property Practice (Strata and Community Title) 91088 NSW.

The Mission of AAA is to provide students with the best possible opportunities to increase their knowledge and understanding of their work, their professional environment, improve their skills and help them achieve their full potential in their working and personal lives.

AAA and META Education hold these beliefs:
  • All students have the right to excellence in education, and to the pursuit of knowledge, understanding and skills in a helpful, structured environment
  • The training of students should make a positive lifelong contribution not only to their role in the workplace, but to their family and community life, and to the progress of society
  • The training environment should be stimulating, safe, comfortable, affordable
  • The training material should meet national education standards and policies, and be of the highest possible standards, and should also take into account the challenges, problems and opportunities of change as industry enters the 21st Century
  • The learning and training process should further the professional status of students, and make a positive contribution to the industries in which they operate.


  • Communicate Effectively and Accurately with Clients PRDRE35A
  • Work in the Real Estate Sector 17319A
  • Prepare for Work in the Property Sector 17319B

The address for the delivery of all portfolios is:

  • The Course Tutor
    Australian Agency Academy
    274 Miller Road, Villawood NSW 2163

For enrolment in Property Practice (Strata and Community Title) 91088 NSW contact the Institute of Strata Title Management Ltd on (02) 9904 8499.


This course is competency based, and as such, students are assessed as "Competent" or "Not Competent". There is no grading in this course.

The three modules contain certain tasks, which must be successfully completed to gain competency. To be granted a Course Certificate, competency must be achieved in all three modules.

An assessment portfolio for each module must be completed and submitted to the Course Administrator no later than 14 days after the completion of the Course. The portfolios for all three modules must be submitted together. Portfolios will be marked by the relevant assessors and the results forwarded back to students within 21 days.

Assessment portfolios may be either posted, couriered or personally delivered to the Course Tutor. Portfolios arriving after this time will be batched with the portfolios for the next Course, marked and results forwarded in the following 21 day "cycle".


If a student is assessed as "Not Yet Competent", they will be advised of where their work is deficient and what further work must be completed in order to gain competency. The first re-assessment of work is provided free of charge.

Second and subsequent re-assessments incur a fee of $50 per portfolio.

All work submitted must be either typed or neatly handwritten. Illegible or untidy work will be returned without assessment.

All students are asked to keep copies of their work. Australian Agency Academy does not accept responsibility for any portfolios lost in the mail.

Cover sheets are provided for each module. The relevant cover sheet must be attached to each portfolio.


Successful completion of Communicate Effectively and Accurately with Clients PRDRE35A module will provide students with exemptions for this module in the following Course:

Certificate 111 in Property (Real Estate) PRD3010.


Upon successful completion of this Course, students will receive the following credentials:

  • A Statement of Attainment certifying competency in Module PRDRE35A.
  • A Certificate certifying competency in the modules 17319A and 17319B or 17319C.


  • AAA provides courses to enable Real Estate agents to obtain Auctioneer Accreditation.
  • AAA provides courses to enable Real Estate Agents and Certificate holders to acquire Continuing Professional Development Points as required by the Office of Fair Trading.


Meta Education provides a credential evidencing the successful completion of the educational pre-requisite for the granting of a Certificate of Registration to work in sales or property management for a real estate agency.

The NSW Office of Fair Trading, not Meta Education, issues the actual Certificate of Registration itself.



The following policy applies to students who seek to cancel from the Course:

  • Cancellation more than seven days from Course commencement - no cancellation fee;
  • Cancellation seven days or less from commencement - 50% of the Course fee;
  • Cancellation after Course commencement - 100% 0f the Course fee.
  • All cancellations must be made in writing. Substitute enrolment will be accepted up to the time of Course commencement without any monetary penalty.


  • AAA offers courses for completion by correspondence and/or flexible delivery;
  • AAA does adjust the price for correspondence courses;
  • AAA aims to offer on line course in the future;


The following Course fees apply:

Weekday Course - $550.00 per student.
Weekend Course - $550.00 per student.
Flexible Delivery Course - $435.00 per student.

AAA does offer Group discounts and on-site training. However it is at AAA’s discretion as to whether on-site training is viable

Financial assistance may be available through Centrelink for students studying full-time and part-time

Course fees cover the supply of detailed Learning Guides for each module and the costs of assessments. For more information on assessment, see the section entitled "Assessment" on this site.

Students attending the Classroom Course are also provided with light refreshments throughout the Course.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

AAA offers all enrolling students the facility of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) as an integral part of its training and assessment strategy.

Essentially, RPL is formal acknowledgement of your competencies regardless of how, when or where the learning occurred. This avoids duplication of training and maximises the end results of your learning and experience.

The outcome of our RPL can be a full qualification, or a statement of attainment for partial completion of a qualification.

The standards of assessment are the same for those used in our training and assessment procedures, but the assessment process may be different.

Every effort is made to keep our RPL process as simple as possible to minimise the time taken and the cost to applicants. However, the process must provide essential information of your knowledge and competencies to enable the assessor to make the correct decision. The evidence you provide to support your RPL application must be authentic (originals or verified copies), current and sufficient.

If you apply for RPL, the following procedures will apply:


    • AAA Does recognise statements and qualifications issued by other RTO’s as long as these RTO’S are licensed to issue the relevant qualifications.
  1. You will meet with an AAA Assessor to discuss your application;
  2. A simple process will be established to assist you with your RPL;
  3. You will be informed of the type of relevant evidence you need to support your RPL application;
  4. You will be given an Assessment Plan and evidence-gathering advice to help you in the process;
  5. After you have gathered your evidence, you will meet again with your Assessor to discuss your RPL;
  6. If the evidence you provide is satisfactory, AAA will formally recognise it and issue you with th relevant qualification;
  7. If more evidence is needed, you will be informed, and invited to provide it;
  8. If you cannot provide further information for any reason, your Assessor will explain the training and assessment options available to you. Options may include a demonstration of your competency and/or an assessment


Students have the right to make a complaint or express a problem they might be experiencing in relation to the Course. Students are asked to abide by the laws and by-laws of AAA and EAC whilst undertaking the course, otherwise AAA and EAC retain the rights to undertake disciplinary action against offenders. Meta Education strives to resolve grievances quickly and for the benefit of all parties concerned.

The Following grievance policy applies:

  • Discuss with or write to the Tutor, if an unacceptable outcome, then;
  • Discuss or write to the Chief Executive officer, if an unacceptable outcome, then;
  • Write to the Board of Meta Education, if an unacceptable outcome, then;
  • Write to the NSW Vocational and Training Accreditation Board (VETAB).

All grievances will be treated with confidentiality and will in no way be to the detriment of the initiator.


AAA has an equity policy which states that courses are generally open to any person with a desire to learn. Advanced courses may require recognition of prior learning. Students with English speaking or writing difficulties will be treated sympathetically, and given whatever reasonable assistance is available in the academy.

Meta Education complies with all laws relating to anti-discrimination, access and equity, and sexual harassment.


  1. AAA collects personal information from clients to enable AAA to send and receive information from the clients;
  2. AAA collects feedback from students, to improve, update and meet the needs of clients;
  3. Information that AAA collects regarding the client is not to be disclosed to a third party without the written consent of the client;
  4. Any information that AAA collects will be collected lawfully, unobtrusively, with the clients consent and for lawful purposes only;
  5. AAA will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the information collected will be kept secure and up to date;
  6. Clients may access their information once they have provided sufficient information, identifying them as the client;


Australian Agency Academy
274 Miller Road, Villawood NSW 2163
Telephone: 61 2 9755 9872
Facsimile: 61 2 9727 0561
Email: aaa@eac.com.au
Office Hours: 8.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday